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Requests (again)

I’d just like to remind everybody that if there’s a statistics, maps, numbers, etc. that they would like to see, please request it at Obviously, replace (at) with ‘@’ and (dot) with ‘.’. Just in case you didn’t get that.



Hi, I’m Stat Statistical, the statistics monster, but you can just call me Stat. Welcome to The Statistics Monster!

I’m a pretty big political junkie, and I watch the news a lot. CNN, the New York Times, and all the other news services always have all those awesome graphs and numbers that they just pull out of a hat and throw on the TV screen (or more likely, you computer screen). I always wondered where they got those statistics. Now I know. There are a s*** load of websites or institutes out there that just sit there and collect numbers.

And while I was watching the news, sometimes a question would pop in my head like, “How many troops are there in Iraq right now?” But I wouldn’t know. So I created this site. And just to make it more enjoyable for all of you, if don’t know some number or numbers, you can request it.

Enjoy (or be eaten)!