The Mathematical Equations of Global Warming


Thank you very much Treehugger.

By Craig Damrauer

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  1. Jonathan on

    These would make interesting shirts

  2. unlikesociety on

    neat blog.

    in my blog, i posted an entry with 2 links to videos from the PBS Nova site, they go into climate change, and what not, and have a very cool/neat concept concerming the Permian Extinction, and the current situation we face with climate change.

    a good watch,

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  5. alchemyst42 on

    This is part of a book somewhere I saw in Chapters.

  6. Donovan Taylor on


  7. Richard L. on

    Clever but that’s all.

    This is the global warming “debate” in a nutshell.

    Posturing and no real sharing of data and possibliities. For the “believers” it doesn’t require science. For the scientists it’s all about the $$$.

    Leave the campus and the % of scientists and engineers that swallows the man-made global warming schtick plummets.


  8. peter donegan MI Hort on

    Excellent, great for t shirts – my one is now on [after save tara hill from a motorway] the placing of a superdump!
    keep it up

    slán go foill

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  10. Trailer Thoughts on

    Very cool, You should makes shirts with that it would be cool.

  11. trzupek on
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  13. Q_Mech on

    Eh. Simplistic.

    Leftists = Human – Brain + (TV!!!! LOTS OF TV!!!!)

  14. José Sánchez-Alarcos on

    Congratulations. That is something that seems to be impossible to speak about.

    Two authors have impressed me about the issue: One of them is Michael Crichton and his -as usual- bad novel (State of Fear) and his -as usual too- excellent documentation about global warming.

    The other one has been Thomas Sowell and his excellent book about “the anointed” where he shows sharply what their methodology is about any issue, including this one.

  15. Jaibones on

    Learn how to spell assassinated, douchebag.

  16. smellthecoffee on

    Man-made global warming hype = desire to do good + need to feel important + group-think – unwillingness to consider other facts or points of view

  17. yosodog1 on

    If you want news about famous people then go to

  18. Ankur on

    makes sense…a lot of sense.

  19. drpnet on

    How about this one:

    Global Warming = Global Cooling + 30 years + lack of long term facts.

    Are we really so powerful that God is no longer relevant. How arrogant to think we can have more effect on the world’s climate than a volcano or forest fire. We are but nats on the rump of an elephant.

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  22. 06jk on

    This is so cool!

  23. […] The Mathematical Equations of Global Warming […]

  24. David on


    There may be room for argument about the effect that man is having on global warming. There may even be room for argument about whether we are experiencing global warming as anything other than a blip in the graph.

    What is not in doubt is that we are raping this planet with pollution. Don’t anyone let arguments about global warming be a red herring to deflect from the fact that we should clean up the mess we are making.

  25. climateradar on


  26. sean malone on

    Very cool.

  27. John on


  28. Rob Dubinski on

    This is brilliant! I love the “greenwash” equation.

    I recently blogged about Starbucks “greenwashing” habits. Starbucks recently ran a serious promotion of Arctic Tale (eco-friendly movie) while they still operate without a corporate recycling program. More here:

  29. celticrebel on

    You forgot a couple important ones…

    Increased Solar Activity != SUV Emissions

    Global Tax Solution = Global Warming Propoganda + Junk Science

  30. boatangdemetriou on

    Very very nice!! Like it!


  31. edtajchman on

    I was having this debate recently with my girlfriend. Slogans and advertisements do promote awareness of the problem, but unless you are somehow informing people of what they could actually do, or organizing funds to a non-profit organization, it’s really not doing all that much.

  32. luv4u on

    i really like dis coz its so tru n so simple n yet no 1 can understand how east it is x

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  34. Shawhin on

    very cool –
    a good way to get the message across to an even larger audience.

    You know how it is… you say the same message in a bunch of different ways and one by one different people get the message because one of those ways stick with them. These equations are clever.

    thanks and thanks treehugger…

    (if you don’t mind I’m going to translate the equations in Farsi on our site…)

  35. gwhiz on

    Clever animation. But…

    Polar Bear = Food

    Let’s get that out of the way RFN.

  36. thatsmymantra on

    This is AWESOME!!!
    I’d like to have them to print out and spread to my friends. It’s hard to catch them all while they scroll

  37. itwebguy on

    Great message,

    There is nothing wrong with being a tree hugger.
    See I like to breathe oxygen, I know silly little habit I have. We need to get over our denial and dependency of: energy + emissions – resources. Resources which we fight for that are not finite.
    I mean think bout it, grave robbing has always been very bad Karma. So is digging for fossil resin that makes the world go round.

    Blame = Lobbyist + Government + Big Oil + Kickbacks + New Mercedes

    If the general public is ignorant and self centered, guess what we are voting in ignorant self centered officials into office, who will only have their self interests at heart. Remember if Actors can get into Office, then most likely what comes out of their lips is going to be well rehearsed and to benefit some one that all ready holds most of the wealth.

    Education + Unity = Minority voice over Current Ruling Majority Voice.

    Majority Votes puts Informed Concerned People in Office, not governed by attaining a bigger bank roll, or a trip to the tropics. But interested in instituting real effective change for the world.

    This would mean that all those big bankers and oil companies and fat Senators and Governors and Lobbyist getting richer, will have to live modest lives. Hey if it the rest of us can do it, I am sure they can manage. But unfortunately kids these days don’t like to give up their toys or share for that matter 😉

    What does this rant have to do with this topic you say? It has everything to do with it.
    These big oil companies who are in bed with government and lobbyist and “Special Interests Groups” are going to keep us in their locked jaws of death and continue to tip the scale in this all ready delicate balance.

    After all it is in the scorpion’s nature to drown with the frog.
    All these systems that are in place, were made to keep us in the pen and herd us to a very scary future. I just hope that we can change it before the next generation inherits our mistakes.

    The bottom line, is we need to accept and celebrate our differences and see that we are all brothers and sisters, start bu eradicating ignorance and prejudice. If we can unite as a real United Nation, then the possibilities are endless.

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  39. smellthecoffee on

    David on September 24th, 2007
    “What is not in doubt is that we are raping this planet with pollution.”

    On THAT the science is settled.

    “Don’t anyone let arguments about global warming be a red herring to deflect from the fact that we should clean up the mess we are making.”

    Dave–this thread is called “Mathematical Equations of Global Warming,” right? So arguments about global warming are not a red herring in this context. You, Mr. Herring (known to his friends as “Red”), are trying to change the subject.

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  41. tree88 on


    My name is teresa and I’m a college student at Niagara U.

    I’m doing a presentation on why the US should make reducing carbon emissions a policy priority, and I think that this would be perfect to have in my presentation.

    What I’m doing is asking your permission to use it for presentational purposes only. If you don’t want me to do this then I will respect that, but I really do think it’s an excellent tool and I would really appreciate being able to use it.

    Please get back to me! If you want it, my e-mail is Thanks for your time.

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