Timeline: Anti-Syrian Lawmakers Assasinated

Antoine Ghanem was the eighth prominent anti-Syria figure killed in Lebanon in about 2 1/2 yearsSept. 19, 2007: Ghanem, 64, an anti-Syria lawmaker from the Christian Phalange Party, is killed in a blast in Beirut. Six others also die.

June 13, 2007: Walid Eido, 65, an anti-Syria member of Parliament, is killed along with his son, two bodyguards, and six others in an explosion in Beirut.

Nov. 21, 2006: Pierre Gemayel, 34, the industry minister and a prominent anti-Syria Christian politician, is shot to death by gunmen in a Beirut suburb.

Dec. 12, 2005: Gibran Tueni, an anti-Syria newspaper editor and lawmaker, is killed when a car bomb destroys his vehicle.

June 21, 2005: Anti-Syria politician George Hawi, a former Communist Party leader, is killed by a bomb placed under his car.

June 2, 2005: Anti-Syria journalist and activist Samir Kassir is killed by a bomb planted under his car.

Feb. 14, 2005: Former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, an anti-Syria lawmaker, is assassinated in a bombing that also kills 20 other people. Among the dead is Bassel Fleihan, who served as economy minister in Hariri’s government. The opposition blames the Syrian and Lebanese governments, charges both deny.

SOURCE: Associated Press


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